Dear friends:

After more than a decade, the WOSB/EDWOSB Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Set-Aside Program has finally launched.  

The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce is very honored to have been part of the historic decade-long effort of Congress, women-owned firms and leaders, the SBA and other federal agency and advocate supporters that finally resulted in providing much needed federal contracting set-asides for women-owned firms in certain underrepresented industries.

There is great excitement at this time as women-owned firms and federal agencies gear up to take advantage of this historic program.

But, there is still much to do to bring about parity for women-owned small business federal contractors.  Even though women own nearly one-third of all businesses in the U.S., the paltry federal goal for contracting with women-owned firms remain at only five percent.  And, after decades of failure, the federal government has still not met even this most modest of goals.

This is a most opportune time to make sure that, (1) the WOSB/EDWOSB program is implemented expediently and put into use all across the federal agencies and the U.S., (2) WOSB/EDWOSB's eligible for the program do everything possible to maximize our new opportunities, (3) women-owned firms not in this program continue to secure access to federal contracts and growth, and (4) that we come together to strongly brand and articulate our positions.  It is our right to secure our fair share of federal contracting dollars (paid for by our taxes) and that the five percent goal for contracting with women-owned firms (which is set too low) is now viewed as a ceiling instead of a floor -- thereby suppressing our growth. 

Through the WOSB National Council™, we will advance opportunities for women-owned small business federal contractors and advocate for our fair share of federal (taxpayer supported) dollars. 

I want to thank the National Association of Small Business Contractors for coming together with the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce to form the WOSB National Council™.  As the leading independent national trade association for small business federal contractors, the NASBC a is very important partner.  NASBC helps us to work hand-in-hand with non-women-owned small business federal contractors making teaming connections, access to potential partners and experience, and joining together to raise our voices in advocacy for the rights and opportunities of America's small businesses.

I hope you will join us for the Fall Meeting and join the WOSB National Council™.


Margot Dorfman, CEO
U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce 

WOSB National Council™ Meeting

Part of the 8th Annual National Small Business Federal Contracting Week!


The WOSB National Council Spring Conference kicks off the 8th Annual National Small Business Federal Contracting Week. This WOSB meeting will include 2012 USWCC WOSB Awards and continues focus on accessing our fair share of government contracts.

Women and men are welcome at the Women's Business Summit. Join us and get connected to opportunities for and with women-owned firms.


When: March 27, 2012 from 8:30 am - noon (registration/networking/coffee begins at 7:45 am)

Where: Embassy Suites, Washington DC Convention Center - 900 10th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001 (map and transportation)

Lodging: Special Sleeping Room Rate $299 - Room Code NSBFCW, Call 202-739-2001 (book early!)


Registration is available for just the WOSB Women's Summit separately, or for any mixture of meetings happening during the week.

Go here to see your options and complete your registration.


Go here to see the full agenda at the National Small Business Federal Contracting Week Website.